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What is a Structural Shift?

In healthcare, there are established normal values for many things.  There is a standard for normal blood pressure, normal cholesterol, normal body temperature, etc.  That doesn’t mean that we expect everyone to have perfect measurements according to these values, but there are healthy ranges for people depending on their age and situation that we like to see people strive toward.

The same can be said about the spine.  There are many normal values and measurements that have been established over time, and it is our goal to get you as close to your normal as possible.  We believe that when this happens, your body as able to function at its optimum – the definition of health.

At Precision Chiropractic, we look at your structure and nervous system for a significant shift from normal.  When the bones, ligaments, muscles, and other structures of the body break down, a visible shift is noted.  This may cause a person’s head to fall forward away from the shoulders, one shoulder to sit higher than the other, or one hip to sit higher than the other – just to name a few.  This, in turn, affects the nerves exiting the spinal column in a destructive way, leaving the body in a state of less than optimum function.  Because our body relies on the nervous system to carry messages from the brain to every organ, cell and tissue, it is our goal to optimize this flow of messages by ensuring the integrity of the surrounding structures – the spinal column.

The Primary Condition that we work with at Precision Chiropractic is Structural Shift.  We believe it is this Primary Condition that leads to many other Secondary Conditions.


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